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LOL is a PG-13 movie starring Miley Cyrus as Lola, a high school student in Chicago. The movie follows her through a school year, as she is betrayed by a boyfriend, and then realizes that her best friend Kyle might really be the guy for her. She has lots of teenage growing up trauma, as she fights with her parents, struggles with grades and has misunderstandings with friends.

Couch Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Our reviewer Upstate Ramblings let her daughter have a slumber party to watch this movie.

On the good side the acting was quite well done. Miley Cyrus does a believable job of portraying a drama prone teenage girl, and Demi Moore is also excellent as her mother. The relationship between the mother and daughter is one of the best things about the movie, since it is very clear that they love and care for each other, even when they are arguing and fighting. It is nice to see a relationship portrayed like this, as loving even when they disagree.

The problem with the movie is the plot, which was boring and predictable. It is obvious who Lola is going to end up falling in love with. Plot points, like having her mom discover her diary and read it, are standard movie cliches. Much of the beginning of the movie revolves around an upcoming class trip to Paris and the dilemma will Lola be allowed to participate? But when they get to Paris it is anti-climatic, because it doesn't advance the plot in any important way. I watched my with my teenage daughters, and both expressed disappointment in the trip to Paris part of the movie, which seemed mainly to be an excuse to show a montage of tourist attractions. Additionally the end of the movie was too pat, with all the conflicts resolved and wrapped up in about 5 minutes flat, and everyone finding love.

Id say this movie is appropriate for ages 13 and up. It will also probably not appeal to boys at all, in fact my 13 year old son stopped watching after 15 minutes because he was bored. There is drinking, pot smoking, sex and some bad language that parents should be aware of.

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