The recent "blue moon"

The recent full moonwhat many say was a rare "Blue Moon"was just the sort of image that calls to the romantic or mystic in me. I had to rush out and see this beauty and of course, try to bring some representation of her home with me. But even though my little tripodless, Panasonic point and shot did it's very best to compensate for my apprentice-level technical skills, the results weren't exactly stellar. Or lunar . . .

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I wasn't happy with my results. I wasn't even going to keep much less share these pictures, but then it occurred to me that sometimes the point isn't the result. Taking pictures isn't always about getting the perfect image or even a good image. Sometimes it's about what you learn by making the effort, even making the mistakesjust showing up.

In this instance, I had the experience of spending time with that stirring, lovely moon. I wish I'd done better by her in my photos but she didn't let me down. I learned a lot about the value of making the effort, of responding when the moon calls. I learned, again, that this is a process that calls for patience and devotion to craft (and budgeting for better equipment).

And although a jury would surely disagree, I think I also learned that for me at least, there's really no such thing as a truly bad picture of a full moon.

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