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It's Photo Friday again and this week I want to share one of my favorite newborn images! I just adore this special moment captured between a father and his new daughter. This family is special to me because I have been documenting them and their children for several years now. I really love watching families grow right in front of my lens! They also have my images hanging all over their home. Seriously, like every wall. It's like being in a Kelly Martin Gallery!

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One of the things I like most about newborn photography is the simpleness of it. There are some amazing talented photographers that will come in with props and poses and give you some really artsy images, but I've chosen a different approach. A simple approach. It would fall more under the category of "Lifestyle Photography". That is just capturing life as it happens with minimal posing. I love just a simple solid color or bright window in the background. Babies resting peacefully and naturally. Mom and dad enjoying their new bundle of joy and the family dog protecting it's new friend. These are the moments that I love and the images I want to capture for my clients. Moments that won't be around for long, because believe me with a newborn in the house, time will fly!


Thanks for checking us out and see you again next Photo Friday!

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