Lighting Blue Hour

Blue Hour is the period of twilight just before sunrise and just after sunset, where the sky turns a shade of blue, ranging from a dull dirty blue to a brilliant vivid sapphire. I've yet to find a cityscape that isn't enhanced by blue hour. In particular, Dublin looks amazing!

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Blue hour can look incredible when shot with contrasting colours, like a lit building or a bridge. I've also seen (but never shot) amazing photos of snowcapped mountains during Blue Hour.

My settings are generally something along the lines of: Aperture 7-9; shutter speed 2-3 seconds, and ISO 100-200. I also play with the exposure to get it just right, normally around -1. I always try to use a tripod in blue hour, or put my camera on a wall or the ground for stability. A remote can also help!

I'm terribly guilty over over-editing my blue hour photos. I'm seeking help for this problem, I promise! I'm getting better at editing less and letting the natural light do it's job.

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