Online Branding: Targeting

When people talk about online branding, it takes me back to my ninth grade English class. My eccentric English teacher would continually ask us what the first rule of writing was. Since it was hard to ignore her constant challenge on the subject, we always responded with the answer she was looking for. Determine your audience. Well, the same rule applies to online branding.

You have to determine your target demographic. For instance, if you're running the retirement community Prescott, AZ location, it's pretty safe to say your target demographic is senior citizens or those nearing retirement age. A target demographic is a specific group of people who all have similar characterizations pertaining to age, race, gender, income, etc. Your target demographic should be determined according to what your product or services are as well as what type of people are most likely to respond to them.

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Online branding requires consistent messaging. The consistent messages should express exactly what your target demographic wants to hear. What is it that they would be most likely to respond to? Again with the example of the retirement community Prescott, AZ location what do people who are near retirement age want to hear about? How about a retirement community whose branding suggests association with other people their age, activities to keep busy, access to transportation, good food, an on-site pharmacy, physical therapy, in-house medical staff, cable TV and a patient, personable staff to name a few.

The retirement community may not be the best example in that their target demographic is relatively obvious. How about companies that are selling information about how to market better online? Who should they be targeting with their online branding messages? How about companies who sell health beverages? There is undoubtedly some research that should be conducted in order to determine the best target demographic for those products or services that might work for multiple demographics.

Luckily there are some tools from Google, Nielsen and Compete that can help with determining a target demographic. When you sell a product or service that could appeal to multiple demographics, it's tempting to try to appeal to all of them. You want my advice? Choose a specific demographic and stick with it. When you try to reach out to all, the online branding messages loose consistency and you end up appealing to no one, specifically.

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