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We all love summer because it is warm and sunny and it is the perfect time for taking a holiday and enjoying outdoor activities. Some of the outdoor activities that you can engage in during summer are swimming, having barbeques, going to the beach and engaging in sports, among others.

Summer is also a time for us to take out our summer clothes and soak up the sun. Trends have evolved and what used to be fashionable a few years ago may not be considered fashionable right now. Here are some tips on how you can ensure that you stay fashionable this summer.

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Linen shirt dresses are the perfect summer wear. Choose loose fitting shirt dresses and accessorize using beads and nice sandals. Linen is a good material for summer because it absorbs heat and allows the skin to breathe. You can throw in a stylish belt for a trendy look. Linen dresses are currently the must-have outfits for summer.

Wrap dresses are also great for summer. Choose wrap dresses made of cotton material because just like linen they absorb heat and allow your skin to breathe. Kaftans are a very stylish way of covering your body from direct sunlight and at the same time allowing it to breathe. They are available in many colours and are ideal for a day out at the beach.

Jersey tops are the coolest outfits to wear during summer. They are not only good for the heat but are also very fashionable. Jersey tops can be worn with loose fitting shorts, or simply a pair of jeans or skirt.

Your feet also need to breathe so invest in a good pair of sandals or flip flops. Flip flops and sandals are good when you go out to the beach because you can easily slip them on and off. Fortunately, sandals can be found in many beautiful and stylish designs.

Sunglasses are the stylish way of protecting your eyes from the sunlight. There are numerous designs of sunglasses from designer wear to ordinary ones. T-shirts and shorts are the most common way of dressing for summer. There are a lot of fashionable colourful T-shirts. Choose bright colours to get you in the summer mood.

Jeans have been around since time immemorial and are great casual wear. Wear your pair of jeans with some tank tops to keep away the heat. You should not forget to carry a jacket or jumper for the chilly evenings. As you have fun during summer, you must remember that too much exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin. To prevent this from happening, you must avoid staying in the sun for long, use sunscreen and wear clothes that cover your skin.

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