Handbag Care Tips How To Care For Your Handbags

This is because they spend lots of money for designer purse, if you are the one then you have read the tips given below on how to take care of your purse properly

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Purses are usually small and they don't hold large things inside them. Do not try to dump your 600 page textbook or a pair of sandals inside them. Its true women may end up sometimes stuffing big and many objects inside a small bag. But don't try to do this in your purse, especially for designer ones. Just put a few important things like cell phone, tissue, makeup or comb but no big objects, please.

Dont put things that can stain your purse. For example don't put pens like refill or ink pens inside it can stain your expensive purses. Sometimes ink stains from inside affect the outside look of the purse. And if this occurs, your designer bag will be no use, unless you want to use a stained purse that looks as if it has mapped on it.

If you want to carry cosmetics in your designer purse, make sure that the cosmetics especially the messy ones like lipsticks, mascara and nail polish are placed inside a small zip lock bag or in a small purse. Avoid having powers like compacts in your purse because it may cause power marks in your attractive purse.

Designer bags are made from high quality materials from zipper to lining. You should not clean your designer purses like other bags. Quality materials like the one used in designer purses needs special care. Dont throw your designer purses in washing machine or don't just soak it in a detergent powder. Read the instructions carefully before cleaning your purse, if so you can avoid damage and main the quality of your designer purse for a long time.

If you follow the handbag care tips, you can maintain your designers one look the same new even after years.

Handbags are available in many styles and have so many purposes. It's fun to have them a wardrobe full. Remember not to buy fake designer handbags.

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