Does your photographer help you build your business?

Lets face it, we all know that over 87% of home buyers use the internet to search for a property before contacting a realtor….so what? Professional photography for marketing listings is becoming an expectation of a good agent. So what makes  MacGregor Media different?

Here is what we do for you:

  • Drive Traffic to your website for you

  • Advertise your listings for you

  • Give each property it’s own unique website

Does your current photographer do all that and more for you? At MacGregor Media, we can answer yes to all of those questions!

Let your tours work for you!

Each property recieves it’s very own website with the address of the property as the URL ( i.e. )

Some of the great features you get are:

  • Generation of many reciprocal links helping search engines find your website

  • Many built in lead generation tools to funnel business your way

  • Site tools keeping buyers engaged (school search; local amenities map)

  • Being able to show potential sellers you are a savy web marketer

The right tools working automatically for you helping to build your business – how can it be any easier?

Let your tour provider work for you!

At MacGregor Media we want to be your partner and help you sell…your success is our success.  Through our affiliation with Unique Home Sites, our stunning photography, virtual tours and videos are displayed in a way that help you grow your business.

We will help you market your property using social media sites like (and really we do it you don’t need to know how):

  • Facebook

  • Twitter (see our Twitter feed on the left!)

  • YouTube (for Videos)

Today, social media is a great way to get exposure not only for your listing, but for you as a professional.

Get everything under one roof.

Why source out to many providers when MacGregor Media can handle everything for you?  We offer:

  • Photography

  • Virtual Tours

  • Video Tours

  • Feature Sheets

  • Just Listed/Sold Post Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Websites (integrated with each property site – ask us how!)

We look forward to working with you to help you build you business.  Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you!